Television Advertisments

Produced to Call to Action

A television advertisement is generally thought of as the pinnacle of any marketing campaign and an avenue that is only available to the largest of companies. To the general public and competitor companies, a television advert shows that you mean business and have established yourself as a market leader.

Television adverts are to designed to do one thing, create a call to action in a very short period of time. Here at PTV Media, over the last 3 years we created televisions advertisements for companies in the UK, Western Europe, America and Australia, using our well proven recipe for a successful television advertisement.

it's a well known fact that advertisements have to be produced to the very highest standard and comply with certain regulations to fall within advertising guidelines.

Something that is often not known, is that it is less expensive than most people think to create a quality TV advertisement and broadcast it on TV. Of course, budgets can vary dramatically - but on many occasions, PTV Media has taken a client from having absolute nothing, to having a television advert produced and broadcasting on TV for a very modest budget.

Graphic Animation

Bespoke Filming

One way to create a cost effective but powerful television advert is to leave it to our graphic animators and professional voice over artists.

Gone are the days where graphic animations have to be expensive. Although they still look expensive, this is the most cost efficient method of bring your product or service to a screen near you.
PTV Media has produced numerous bespoke television advertisements for broadcast on a variety of different channels on Sky television. One of these has included hiring out an airfield and others have included celebrities.

Although this type of production is more often than not more expensive than a graphic animated advertisement. You are likely to be surprised how cost efficient it can be.

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