Social Media Advertisements

Produced to Call to Action

Very much like television adverts, short-form films can be used on most social media websites to deliver a very effective call to action. The production process to bring about a social media advert is very similar to that for a television advert and our team is very well experienced in this area.​​​​

Almost any form of video can be used on social media and in turn, social media is a fantastic was to promote any form of video. However, we have found that television advert like presentations work well and really improve the public appearance of a company.
In this day and age, both social media and video are no longer optional. Marketing Profs have stated that, 'Video is already helping your competition. 81% of senior marketing executives now use online video.'

Presenter Led

Graphic Animation

Many companies opt to have a presenter in vision when creating a social media video. This brings a personal touch to the video and creates a good reason for an individual to click on the video.

The presenter can then engage the audience and create a memorable and lasting impression.
Graphic animations with a professional voice-over and captivating music is another way to engage your audience.

This form of production allows you to deliver a message in a short period of time demonstrating a message both audibly and visually.

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