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Exposing your video to the right audience is crucial in maximising the impact your video. Because different forms of video have different uses, where you place your video can also be very important. For example, when adding video to their website, Ice Watches reported a 200 - 300% increase in sales of those watches which had a video.



Social Media


This is the most obvious place to put your video. In fact, it is absolutely crucial to have your video featured on your website to avoid missing out on some of the most powerful benefits of video.
Research by Inc.com has shown that video has proven to be more memorable that text or audio alone. The typical Internet user will browse a great number of websites everyday and if you want yours to stand out and be more memorable, you need your video here.
Video also encourages web viewers to spend more time on a website and lowers the bounce rate. Whilst potential clients are engaged with your website, they are forming a relationship with you and become more likely to buy from you. Video is also proven to have a powerful effect on your SEO.
Where your video(s) are placed on your website is also important. A video should always appear on your home page, but if you have more than one video, then the correct placement across your website should be considered.
A study by Forrester Research found that including a video in your emails increases the open rate and click through, in fact, the click through rate increases by 200-300%.

Getting someone to open an email is one thing, but creating an email that engages your potential clients and is presented in a way that they actually want to spend time reading it is an entirely different task. Think, how many times have you opened an email only to be put off by the first few words or images?

Video reduces the risk of this. If a person sees a play button, more often than not they will press it. We are all guilty of being just a little bit lazy and having the information packaged in a way that takes little to no effort to absorb means that we are more likely to spend time on it.

In fact some people are guilty of clicking on an video in an email because technically you are working but it feels like your not. For the person sending the video, this is a perfect way of marketing.    
We do not need to explain the power of social media, it's everywhere and pretty much everyone now has it. Whether it's Linked-in, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or any other, they are all powerful ways of getting your video watched.

To get the very most out of video on social media requires some education. However as a very start, if you only have one video, you should be posting this regularly on all of your social media platforms. If you have different forms of video, you should consider which video is best suited for that particular platform and how your entice your audience to watch it.

Of course, it is now very easy to create a targeted advising campaign for your video on the majority of the platforms. This can be a very easy way of exposing your video to potential clients.

Forbes found that 50% of executives look for more information after seeing a product/service in a video.
This is a statistic that cannot be ignored by any serious business owner.
Television is considered to be the pinnacle of any audio-visual marketing campaign. In fact it could be argued that most would view it as the most highly desired marketing media full stop.

An ITV survey found that 84% of adults believe TV advertising is most likely to influence their decision.

Historically, this form of marketing was only available to national and international brands with large marketing budgets.

However, with significant advancements in technology and the rise of online video advertising, it is now easier and most cost efficient than every to advertise on broadcast television.

Television reaches 92% of the UK population every single week, outstripping all other forms of media. This couples with the authoritative nature of television created a powerful environment for advertisement. With spots costing from as little as £5 per 30 seconds, the benefits are clear.


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